We all love to create beautiful photos, but we may not have the creative and technical knowledge needed to make our photos look the way we want them to. Don’t be afraid, now is the time to Take a Leap into learning how to take photos that capture your artistic vision.

Whether you just started taking pictures using either a point and shoot or a digital SLR camera, this course will help advance your photography skills by teaching you the needed techniques to take control of your camera, and your creativity. The knowledge gained from this hands-on training can be applied to a wide range of photography styles, from landscape to high fashion, and enable you to take the next step towards creating more memorable images.

1-Day Workshop Outline

1. Get to Know Your Camera
• Exposure – Tell the camera how much light to capture.
– ISO – A little or a lot of Sensitivity
– Shutter Speed – Fast or Slow
– Aperture – Open Wide or Closed Down

• Shooting Modes
– Auto
– Aperture Priority – Lock your Depth of Field
– Shutter Priority – Lock your Motion Preference
– Manual – The Creative Mode

• Lenses – The eye of the camera
– Focus – Blurry or Sharp
– Focal Length – Wide or Telephoto
– Zooms vs. Fixed/Primes
– Distortion – Making Fat into Thin or vice versa

• Digital Fundamentals
– Megapixels and Resolution
– JPEG/RAW – File Size vs. Flexibility
– White Balance – Why does the subject’s color look different in the photo compared to its actual color?
– Histogram – Is the exposure correct? Don’t rely on what you see on the LCD, (varies with view conditions) – trust the histogram!

2. Composition
Where to place your subject, and direct the viewer’s attention towards the most important elements of your image.
– Rule of Thirds
– Perspective
– Leading Lines
– Negative Space
– Foreground
– Background

3. Depth of Field
Create beautiful images utilizing the depth of field affect.
– How to make particular aspects of your image sharp, and other aspects out of focus.

4. Photoshoot
Put your training into practice!
– You’ll have an opportunity to put your training into practice in a photoshoot.

5. What’s Next?
Discuss where to go with your photography journey after this workshop!

What to Bring
Camera and lenses

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