In this special hands-on workshop, we’ll show you the image design technique, workflow, and the Fashion + Beauty lighting techniques needed to Produce and to Light for any project.

With the lighting and production skills gained from this course, you’ll be on your way to create and promote your new body of work, and set your portfolio apart from your peers.

Workshop Outline

1.Your Creative Vision
– What’s your vision? What type of images are you drawn to? What kind of photographs do you dream of creating?
– Learn how to develop your own style

2. Digital Workflow
– Color Management

3. Seeing & Modifying Light
– How to use 1 Light
– How to modify light using Light Shapers
– How to use Multi-Lighting

4. Fashion & Beauty Lighting
– How to use various light shapers to show the detail in beauty and fashion images, and bring them to life.

5. Working with Models and Your Creative Team
– Learn how to direct and convey your concept to the models and the creative team.
– Posing models

6. Producing Photoshoots
– Learn how to create storyboard and produce photoshoot.

7. Photoshoot
Put your training into practice!
– You’ll have an opportunity to put your training into practice, by photographing several models and working with a creative team.

8. What’s Next?
Discuss where to go with your photography journey after this workshop.

Course Requirements
Digital SLR or Point & Shoot camera with Manual options (Aperture & Shutter speed), and a Flash mount.

Course Prerequisite
Photography Lighting or equivalent.
Private lessons are available to help catch you up-to-speed for this workshop.

What to Bring
– Camera and Lenses
– PocketWizard if you have one
Profoto lighting system will be provided.

Please email your questions to